TASC Program

TASC (Truancy Assessment and Service Center)

TASC is a prevention program that provides resources and support for children in grades K-5 and their families in order to reduce truancy and prevent juvenile delinquency. TASC works in conjunction with the 22nd Judicial District Court, City Court of Bogalusa, and City Court of Slidell juvenile justice systems. Upon accepting referrals from the local school system, TASC helps interrupt the pathway to school failure, juvenile delinquency, and school dropout by addressing the specific causes of the students’ absences and by providing education, advocacy and referrals to community resources to the families. The benefits of TASC intervention includes children’s success in school, strengthened families, and a reduction of unlawful behaviors in our community.

There are several advantages to participating in TASC. Children and families have the opportunity to access services that are targeted to properly address the underlying causes of what research has shown to be the primary indicator of juvenile delinquency: TRUANCY. TASC acts as a referral network linking families to valuable resources within the community that address areas of risks within the family. Finally, TASC gives children and families the opportunity to informally and voluntarily resolve legal mis-conduct without formal Court involvement.